Lets work together

Photography: I have been freelancing as a photographer for some time, so it came natural to me to apply my knowledge and skills into product photography. I have also many years marketing and bringing different products to retail, giving me an understanding on product placement, and what it takes to make the image tell a story. I can photograph and style your cocktails, food, wine, spirits and products.

Styling: An image cannot tell the proper story without having someone with an eye for design making sure the colors, textures, light, props, etc are all in harmony to have that perfect image.  I love styling for my photographs and also events and parties.

Brand Ambassador/Spokesperson: It would be with great pleasure to represent your brand or product in a diverse venues and places. I travel around the world, meet people from different backgrounds, I am social and very engaging.  I can represent your brand by traveling, attending events, and sharing experiences thru my and your social media network.

Social Media Promotion: Social media is a part of everyone’s life nowadays. As I develop and grow my social media network and I also help promote your brand and product thru the main social media channels for example: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Freelance Writing, Reviews and Giveaways: You need someone to try, test and write about your product, event, place? We can partner up in numerous ways, this is a great way for both to get exposure, build recognition and develop a great relationship.

Contact me to discuss future opportunities together.

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