Corporate and Commercial Wine Tastings

Looking for something to do with your condo residents?  perhaps you are business trying to attract new clients. Or you are a restaurant or wine bar trying to organize unique and fun events to differentiate yourself?

Nothing brings people together better than wine and food. The answer: Host a Wine Tasting Gathering!

All tastings are customized to your needs. If you have your own portfolio that want to promote, and need someone to come up with event ideas and host for you. I can work with your portfolio and build a fun event around it.

Perhaps you need help planning your next work function, holiday party, celebration or just an amazing experience you want to share with your love ones. You need someone to take care of the wine and food, no problem! I can help organize your event so the only thing you need to do is provide the guest list or I can just complement to what you are missing with my extensive network of wine and food providers.

We try to keep the tastings between 6 to 8 people or have them via Zoom


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