Journey Thru Flavors was created in an effort to keep all my wine tasting notes, food pairings, and travel journals organized in one place. I have a lot of material that I have gather over the last few years, that slowly but surely will make their home here.

Wine Tasting Note Taking

A few years ago, I decided that I needed a to start doing more of the things that I am passionate about, the list is long but at the top I always have: TRAVEL, WINE, FOOD & PHOTOGRAPHY.

I enjoy host parties and I am always organizing events, as creating memories and experiences are really the simple things in life worth living for. Wine and Food have always been at the center of all the activities I do. Most of the memories I have from childhood and adulthood are all around a table eating, drinking (mainly wine), sharing stories and laughs.

I believe you enjoy and appreciate things more once you understand them, so I decided that I wanted to learn more about wine. As I started to read books and articles and I got fascinated about this world within our world. So decided to take a course and then a certification.

Here I am now a few years in having passed WSET Level 3 with Merit and a, Certified Sommerlier from the Court of Master Sommelier. I have passed the French Wine Scholar from WSG and seriously thinking about going for the WSET Diploma.

So join my journey, travel the world with me, tasting wines, eating delicious food, learning about different cultures and meeting interesting people.

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