FullSizeRenderToday is National Wine & Cheese day!. Well yeah that is pretty much every day in my home. I love cheese and wine, so here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when pairing them:

  1. If they grow together the go together: Ex: Garnacha with Manchego. From ancient times wine and food develop together, so try to keep it within the region and it will be yummy
  2. Match intensity: Pair the wine and cheese with similar flavor intensity. Ex: Cabernet Sauvignon with a Cheddar or a Pinot Noir with a Gruyere
    • High alcohol (14+ %) wines tend to be stronger so go better with intense cheese flavors
    • Lower alcohol (11-%) wines are more delicate and pair better with less intense cheeses
  3. When in doubt go with the Sparkling. Sparkling wines can pair with almost anything (depending on the style), but they go very well with soft creamy cheeses thanks to the high acidity and carbonation
  4. What to do with those stinky funky delicious cheeses, easy pair them with sweeter wines. Both have strong and unique flavors; the sweetness will balance the strong flavor/aroma of the cheese and vice versa. Ex: Port with Stilton and Sauternes with Roquefort

You wonder why bold reds go so well with charcuterie and cheese specially those dry strong flavor cheeses?. Cheese is high in fats, and as it ages the flavors and fat gets concentrated. The high tannins in bold red wines will counteract with the fat and act as pallet cleaners, creating a nice balance of flavors in your mouth.

An as mention before if it grows together goes together, areas where cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano , Parmesan, Cheddar,  Manchego, Gouda etc are produce are also areas where wine is produce.